Manage entire project with Buildocs Platform

Field productivity

Field Productivity allows people, who work on the field, communicate without interruption, share ongoing problems, share tasks, and follow tasks, mark essential things and issues, use everyday tools in one platform.
  • Drawings
  • Documentation
  • Tasks
  • Construction diaries
  • Protocols
  • Minutes of meetings
More applications

Road construction

Road construction is a complex process and requires a lot of paperwork. Buildocs has created unique forms, acts, protocols that are used in this field to do work faster and smoother. The software can be used already in a pre-construction phase as a project management tool, during construction as a connecting tool between field workers, office, client. In the end, all your paperwork and communication gets organized and stored correctly.
  • Sampling reports
  • Measurement protocols
  • Road construction diaries

Buildocs Features

Gantt planner

Easy tool to visualize your entire project.


Create and manage your project costs plan.

Protocols, Meetings, Acts

The easiest way to create and manage daily workflow.

Notifications and Emails

Get instant notifications and emails from the site.


Forget about drawing set issues and version confusion.

Daily log

Entire project at a glance.


Capture any problem, question, or accomplished work in a snap.


Manage workflow by assigning and following tasks.

Digital Signatures

Sign any document from your phone or tablet.


Any document saved within a software never gets lost.


Use this tool to prevent incidents on your construction site.

Audio and Video files

Use this tool to comment or discuss issues.

See Buildocs in action

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