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Occupational safety

Safety comes first! In an environment where many people work together, unforeseen accidents can happen. To prevent that kind of thing, Buildocs has developed a tool that lets you report problems directly from the site when you are inspecting it. Whenever an issue is detected, one can create a report using a pre-filled form, add photos, videos, or audio files to the document, and assign responsible people.
This entire process will help prevent accidents from happening because the system notifies people instantly. Tracking of many other works will help avoid unpleasant things from happening on the field.
Detect problems

Make inspections using pre-filled forms and detect problems easily.


Create a report with safety index, responsible person and immediate notification.


Add a photo, video or a voice message to the report, without leaving a construction site.

Notify immediately

A responsible person will be notified about the issue immediately.

Safety index

Inspection act contains safety index.


Detect, make a report, add a photo, notify, fix - all in one document.

Buildocs Features

Gantt planner

Easy tool to visualize your entire project.


Create and manage your project costs plan.

Protocols, Meetings, Acts

The easiest way to create and manage daily workflow.

Notifications and Emails

Get instant notifications and emails from the site.


Forget about drawing set issues and version confusion.

Daily log

Entire project at a glance.


Capture any problem, question, or accomplished work in a snap.


Manage workflow by assigning and following tasks.

Digital Signatures

Sign any document from your phone or tablet.


Any document saved within a software never gets lost.


Use this tool to prevent incidents on your construction site.

Audio and Video files

Use this tool to comment or discuss issues.

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