Manage your entire project with Buildocs Platform

Project management

Buildocs project management is a tool that you start using already on a pre-construction phase and throughout the entire project.
It is designed for cost management and allows project managers to work with, and understand project financial performance, reduce unnecessary risks like budget overruns, and make construction job costing process easier.
When you use one platform for all your construction activities, and when everyone on your project has access to everything they need, it reduces time spent on paperwork, reduces confusion caused by miscommunication, reduces many job-related risks.

Copy and paste your existing budget

Create budget

Create a new budget within the software

Real-time management

Compare actuals and forecasts using real-time accounting data

Cost control

Track all budget changes


Update the budget lines with forecast corrections

Contract management

Add the details for subcontractor contracts


Finishing a construction project on time and budget is every builder’s goal. Construction project schedule, created using a Gantt chart, divides a process into phases and gives you a total overview of upcoming works, delays, milestones, changes, and work progress. It allows you to be ahead of time!
For our users, Buildocs Gantt is a simplified version of MS Project, but it is online, and no updates needed.
Derived from budget

Change, move, split or add lines without making a change in the budget

Immediate update

Be on track with real-time schedule changes

Simple but powerful

Easy to use, but has all core Gantt features


Print the entire chart or choose dates and print only needed part

Displays dependencies

Show dependencies between the tasks

Tasks and subtasks

Create tasks and subtasks. Update duration, status, and priority.

Buildocs Features

Gantt planner

Easy tool to visualize your entire project.


Create and manage your project costs plan.

Protocols, Meetings, Acts

The easiest way to create and manage daily workflow.

Notifications and Emails

Get instant notifications and emails from the site.


Forget about drawing set issues and version confusion.

Daily log

Entire project at a glance.


Capture any problem, question, or accomplished work in a snap.


Manage workflow by assigning and following tasks.

Digital Signatures

Sign any document from your phone or tablet.


Any document saved within a software never gets lost.


Use this tool to prevent incidents on your construction site.

Audio and Video files

Use this tool to comment or discuss issues.

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