Create, Assign and Follow Tasks

Every process in the work field is under control.
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Manage the workflow on a construction site

When it comes to managing processes on the construction site, a lot of things depend on how information flows between team members. To make the workflow smooth and prioritize tasks between staff members, you have to have a full picture of everything that is going on at the moment. Buildocs’ task management system will help you get an overview and manage people and tasks in real-time.

Create tasks

Make communication with your team comfortable and transparent. Organize your workflow- create and assign tasks, follow tasks, re-assign tasks, add photos and voice messages, comment on tasks.

Assign and follow

Assign tasks to people who are responsible for problem-solving. An assigned person can create sub-tasks or change assignees. One can also follow tasks and their flow, this is necessary if you are not responsible, but you need to know what is happening.

Work with your team

You can make tasks visible for anyone you want. This action makes work at your site transparent and seamless because you can communicate on tasks, discuss them, and make changes in real-time.

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