Centralized Drawing Management

Forget about drawing set issues.
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This is a new level of working with drawings and revisions

Upload drawings to Buildocs and everyone who needs can access them from one place now. When all files, revisions, comments, new versions are stored in one place and available, it becomes easier to work. Be sure that everyone is on the current set and avoid version-set confusion and reworking.

Forget about version confusion

Now you can open a drawing, make your changes, and save the version on the same document. That makes your work more efficient because other people on the field will be notified about the changes immediately and you can be sure that everyone is on the same page.

Access drawings from all devices

Preview, make notes, add comments and photos to your drawings from any of your devices - smartphone, tablet or computer. The log will show who has last accessed the drawing and what kind of changes has made.

Work with your team

Make your drawings accessible for people or workgroups that you need, share the workflow with architects, owners, and contractors. Sign digitally or send it to other users to sign. Choose how you want your drawings to be named and numbered. Share drawings with people outside the Buildocs system.

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