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Manage safety on your construction site.
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Make your construction site a safe place for the workers

A high number of accidents occur in construction, and this has consequences for workers, organizations, society, and countries. So occupational safety and health have become a significant issue for stakeholders to take care of the human resource. To prevent accidents from happening, Buildocs has developed a tool that will help detect and report about a problem and make necessary people aware.

Preventive actions

It is vital to keep incidents from happening. To do so, you have to make inspections and be very accurate, which requires a lot of attention and piles of paper. Buildocs platform allows you to manage risks and safety issues by using pre-filled forms and informing necessary people on time. They will be kept and stored correctly, and you can refer to them whenever it is necessary.

Detect Problems

Once you detect a problem, all you have to do is write it down in the system and assign a person who is responsible. A responsible person will be notified about the issue immediately so that the problem will be solved much quicker.

Manage issues

A worker will get notification about a problem; he will also receive an email, saying that there is an issue. The document he receives contains detailed descriptions of issues, as well as photos or voice or video files, due date and current status.

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